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ENVIGATE - Find the Right Help in REACH

Navigating the murky waters of chemical regulatory affairs such as the EU’s REACH Regulation can be a daunting task. That is why we created ENVIGATE: to help guide and connect you with companies - service providers - that can help you to become and stay compliant.

ENVIGATE is a portal designed to connect those who need regulatory compliance help with service providers that are able to help. For example, say you need help with REACH. Searching for the term on the ENVIGATE website will return the most relevant service providers while also presenting companies that offer similar or complementary services.

Try the service out for yourself by going to and following the simple three-step process: enter what you are seeking into the search field, get a list of services associated to your search and select one (or more) that best meets your needs. Finally, ENVIGATE will show a list of companies that are able to fulfil your request. If ENVIGATE is not able to find a company that provides requested service, we’re just waiting to add one, provided the service makes sense for our users.

Service providers can register for free, with the ability to answer five user requests during a single calendar year. This is to encourage small firms with specific niche services to register without having to pay a fee. If they like ENVIGATE, they can switch to advanced plans to benefit from extended possibilities.

ENVIGATE keeps in mind confidentiality of exchanged information. It only pairs requests with relevant offers but does not interfere with any subsequent negotiations. User can choose to remain anonymous until selection of the right service provider. On the other end of the relationship, the user always knows who is making the offer. Once the user expresses interest in a proposal and wants to contact the provider, the portal will mutually reveal the contacts. Everything after that is up to the two parties.

So, who should use ENVIGATE? In REACH, anyone seeking help or assistance with REACH regulatory requirements such as dossier preparation, SDS authoring or gathering data - either by alternative methods or testing chemical properties. Therefore, we believe the first users will come from companies’ HSE specialists and REACH project managers.

Find the right service provider in 30 seconds. Try out ENVIGATE.


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