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Bioneeds India Pvt Ltd

Bioneeds is a Bangalore based Preclinical Contract Research Organization providing Integrated Discovery, Development and Regulatory Services to Agrochemical, Industrial chemical, Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceutical, Herbal / Nutraceutical and Medical device



Bioneeds India Pvt Ltd

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Sapna Y R
Chief Business Officer


Bioneeds is an OECD GLP-certified and USFDA audited pre-clinical CRO providing regulatory testing services for Agro chemicals, Industrial chemicals, Pharma, Herbal / Nutraceutical and other industries. Over the past 10 years, Bioneeds has established an enviable track record catering to various segments of the industry with high quality services with stringent timelines.

For Industrial chemicals, Biocides, Agrochemicals(Plant protection products), Flavors and Fragrances we offer Phys-Chem analysis , GLP toxicology studies, Eco-toxicology studies and complete package studies for registration according to CIBRC, EU-(REACH & PPP), US-EPA, PMRA, ANVISA, SENASA and other global registrations as per OECD, OPPTS & EEC guidelines. Over 6000+ GLP studies have been successfully submitted across the globe.

Our offerings include,

Physical chemistry: Water Solubility, Storage Stability under different conditions, Partition Co-efficient, Vapour Pressure, Surface tension, Oxidizing Properties, 5-batch analysis, Analytical tests and Characterization
Toxicology studies: Acute Six Pack Studies, Skin/Eye Irritation, Skin Sensitization, Mutagenicity, Repeat-dose Sub-acute, Chronic studies, Extended One-generation Reproduction toxicity and repeat dose Inhalation studies
Ecotoxicology Studies: in multiple biotic organisms like Alga, Daphnia, Avian, Fish, Earthworm, Honeybees, Short and long term toxicity studies, Degradation studies, E-Fate studies
Synthetic Chemistry: custom synthesis from mg to kg scale, process development - cost reduction processes, novel non infringing processes
Alternative to Animal Studies

The main advantage with BIONEEDS is Scientific value for Money delivered with highest quality accepted by global regulatory bodies.