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i2LResearch Ltd

GLP/GEP and ORETO certified CRO providing efficacy testing and ecotoxicology


i2LResearch Ltd
Capital Business Park
United Kingdom

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VAT number:GB 609 393620
Registration number:2926939


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Pavel Foltan


Plant protection products:
Efficacy testing of insecticides, molluscicides, acaricides, herbicides, fungicides, nematicides and fertilisers, in the areas of horticulture and agriculture. GEP field trials are offered throughout Europe covering all EPPO climatic zones for registration.

Biocides, household consumer and professional products and animal health products efficacy testing including:
insecticides, acaricides, attractants and repellents and pest control devices. Filed and laboratory studies. Protocols follow appropriate guidelines (eg. TNsG for PT18 and PT19 and EPA OPPTS 810 series) or can be developed by liaising with the authorities/sponsors and input of our expertise, tailored to each product claim. We have excellent links with the CRD (Chemicals Regulation Directorate) for European registration and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) for USA registration.

non-target arthropods (NTAs) and benefitials including
Aphidius rhopalosiphi, Aliochara bilineata, Poecilus cupreus, Pardosa spp.,
Chrysoperla carnea, Coccinella septempunctata, Orius laevigatus, Episyrphus balteatus, Aphidius rhopalosiphi, Trichogramma cacoeciae, Typhlodromus pyri, Earthworms (OECD 207, OECD 222) Collembola (OECD 232), Hypoaspis (OECD 226) Enchytraeid worms (OECD 220), dung flies (OECD 228), Bees (OECD 213/214, EPA OCSPP 850.3020, OECD 237, OECD239, EFSA 3295.

Non-target plants (NTPs) according to OECD 208 and OECD227

Aquatic ecotoxicology
Pulmonate snails, Lymnea stagnalis (OECD 243), Prosobranch snails, P. antipodarum. (OECD 242), Chironomus spp. Spiked water or sediment (OECD 233)