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Global Solutions for the Chemical Industry including Consultancy, Auditing and Training on Chemicals Legislation REACH, CLP & BPR, Events, Recruitment & Executive Search, International Business Development, European Chemicals Sales Agent


ONLYCORECHEM Group provides Global Solutions for the Chemical Industry in areas such as Recruitment & Executive Search, Events, International Business Development incl. European Chemicals Sales Agent, Consultancy Auditing and Training on Chemicals Legislation.

At ONLYCORECHEM our team of consultants with background in chemical sciences, a global network of contacts and deep experience in Recruitment and Executive Search within the chemical industry finds the best talents and the right candidates not only in Europe but also at a Global level.

Our strong understanding of the Chemical Business together with our international network of contacts makes us the right partner to organize and manage Events such as Global Exhibitions and Trade Fairs, Congresses, Conferences, Seminars.

ONLYCORECHEM provides other services for the Chemical Industry such as International Business Development and European Chemicals Sales Agent.

Our multidisciplinary team includes experts on EU Chemicals Regulations REACH, CLP, BPR with deep experience working both in the Chemical Industry and Consultancy supporting companies to successfully comply with Chemicals Legislation allowing the legal continuation on the market, entering new markets expanding their businesses and achieving commercial advantage.

Our Headquarters is located in the beautiful city of Lisbon in Portugal with team members located in the EU and Worldwide.